- Donate Lights and Batteries -

We work hard to donate lights to as many children's hospitals as possible while still following the safety requirements of each hospital. When you donate lights or batteries, please make sure your donation adheres to the following requirements.

If your donation meets all the requirements listed below, please contact us at Lightsforkids2@gmail.com to coordinate the delivery of your donation to our headquarters. Thank you!

Lights Requirements

  • All donated lights must be new, in the sealed, unopened packaging
  • All battery-operated lights must be 5-8 meters in length (15-25 feet)
  • All battery-operated lights must use AA batteries only and no more than 3 AA per set of lights
  • Battery-operated lights must have a protective coating over any wiring (fairy lights cannot have exposed wire connecting the lights)
  • All donated lights must follow the proper safety requirements
  • We do not accept plug in lights that are more than a 100 count of lights

Battery Requirements

  • All batteries must be new and in the sealed, unopened package
  • All batteries must be AA only
  • We request that all batteries donated to us are donated in quantities of 50 or 100, but we will accept anything we are given

Please know that due to the extremely tight budget that Lights For Kids is operating with, we do not cover the shipping costs for donors shipping lights or batteries to our headquarters. Sorry for the inconveinence!

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