- Who Are We? -

Lights For Kids is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making hospital stays easier for children. Hospital stays can often cause large amounts of stress, anxiety, and depression in children which can slow the healing process. We aim to help kids by providing them with string lights to decorate their hospital rooms with, making the rooms feel more comforting and cheerful.

- Our Mission -

To provide a unique source of comfort, cheer, and ease to children across the United States who are staying in the hospital.

The string lights are not only full of illuminating beauty but also provide a sense of comfort, joy, and cheer that a hospital doesn’t necessarily provide a child. They also provide enough light during the night when nurses are making their rounds so that they don’t have to turn on the light above the child’s head, waking them up throughout the night.

- Our Vision -

Lights For Kids envisions a future where every child's life is filled with light and hospital stays don't carry such stress and anxiety.

- Our Core Values -

Lights For Kids strives to demonstrate and operate by the following values:

  1. Integrity: We function with only honesty and a strict adherence to strong moral principles.
  2. Happiness & Joy: Our operations are driven by the joy and happiness we bring to children in the hospital.
  3. Interdependence: We work closely with our community to assure that our organization can have the biggest impact possible.
  4. Creativity & Uniqueness: We use a creative and unique approach to helping kids in the hospital feel less stressed and anxious.
  5. Leadership: We strive to lead by example, inspiring others to find unique approaches to issues that aren't as commonly thought about. We aim to demonstrate that anyone can make a difference if they want to, no matter what.
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